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Welcome to Practically Prepared, the website for us ordinary folks who recognize that we live in extraordinary times. Climate chaos, economic insecurity, political unrest and cyber-warfare dominate the news. Let’s be honest. Most of us will never own an off-grid, fully self-sufficient homestead nor do we want an underground bunker with more weaponry than your average small army. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t take steps to lessen the shocks that are sure to come. We can prepare now to meet our immediate needs for food and water in the event of a worst case (or even just pretty bad) scenario. We can invest in ourselves, our homes and our communities so we can all ride out tough times and be stronger together.

This blog space will cover all things preparedness and living lighter on an overburdened planet. You will find strategies for feeding your family better for less, skill building so can make rather than buy, videos that will detail how we do some of our projects and options for putting by, stocking up and making do.

None of this is new. Our grandparents (I’m probably older than you so maybe it was your great grandparents) lived this way and no one called them survivalists. They were considered prudent. I love that word. It speaks to practicality and capability.

I hope this can be an interactive website. If you have a recipe or a preparedness tip to share, please do! I will be following breaking news that might affect some or all of us but I’m not on-line all the time. If you hear something I’ve missed share it on my Facebook page (same name) or tweet it out to me.

Keep track of the extras here. I will be updating information about the release of my new book, Prepping101: 40 Steps You Can Take To Be Prepared, (Storey Publishing) and my Kindle and self-published books. I will be posting pictures of Barefoot Farm and contact information about the products I use and love. I will have lists of my favorite books and websites and all sorts of other fun things. I hope to form a vibrant and inclusive community of like-mind folks, experienced preppers and inexperienced newbie who want to learn. I can’t wait to get started!

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