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My knees hurt and my back is sore. I have a bruised thumb and a kink in neck but the job is done. I cleaned out my totally disorganized food storage room along with my kitchen cabinets and the basement storage shelves. After a long winter everything was a jumble. I couldn’t find what I needed and I really had no idea what I was low on and what was overstocked.

It turns out I’m in pretty good shape. There are a few holes. I could use more canned beans but I have buckets (literally-buckets) of dried beans. I need more sugar. We go through a lot with making wine and fruit preserves. I have an overabundance of salt. I bought 160 pounds several years ago. That sounds pretty crazy but I figured I would need a lot if I had to preserve meat some day.

I have too many convenience foods. I occasionally purchase things like boxed macaroni and cheese if it’s on a terrific sale but I find we really don’t care for most ready-made food. We aren’t big on soup or stews in a can. Most things are too salty and the texture is weird. If I am going to have clam chowder it has to be good chowder. That canned stuff is just awful. I suppose if zombies were roaming the back yard I could choke down canned chili but making good chili from shelf-stable ingredients is not that hard.┬áThe food that I know we won’t eat is boxed up and ready for the food pantry.

Tomorrow is a shopping day so I will make a list. These are the ten things I get every time I find a good deal.



canned fish (tuna and salmon)

peanut butter

canned beans

canned tomatoes




canned pumpkin

If I have staples on hand, I can do a lot with these.

What’s in your pantry? How often do you do an inventory or are you so organized that you are always up-to-date? Do you have a different top-ten shopping list? Are there things you only purchase organically? I am so curious. It’s important to remember that we are all different with different food urgencies. We can always learn from each other.



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