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I don’t care to watch television but I have become a huge fan of YouTube, so much so that I have considered changing my TV (it’s very old) to one that can support Netflix and YouTube programing. Alas. I can’t justify it. My old television works just fine and I can watch what I like on my computer. What I can’t do is share the experience with Bruce and Phoebe. I can, however, share it with you. I am finished with the Tudor farm and now I’m exploring a Victorian pharmacy.

I am a fan of herbalism. I work with a talented practitioner when I have simple maladies to treat. I also have an extensive herb garden. This summer, you can follow along as I clean it up and enlarge it. I am working with a group of other growers to establish a guild. We will be growing the most important of the herbs to provide our local herbalist with a source of organically grown herbs so she can provide remedies to the broader community.

I use traditional medicine. Bruce is now taking an antibiotic to treat a nasty case of strep throat, bronchitis and sinusitis but he is supplementing that treatment with immune supporting herbs. I think there is a place in our lives for both.

From a preparedness standpoint, knowing the basics of herbal medicine, which is, after all, the basis of many modern medicines,  could be critical in a time of reduced access to first world health care.

The sun is shining today. The air feels a bit more spring like in spite of the cold. Next week should be in the 50’s. It will be too early to get my  hands in the dirt but it is never too early to plan. I have a sheet of graph paper and my herbal catalogs. It’s going to be a great day.


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